How to prepare for SBI PO Prelims 2015 Exam in 1 month

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How to Prepare for SBI PO Prelims 2015 Exam in 1 month

SBI PO Prelims 2015 Exam

As you would know, SBI PO Prelims 2015 exam is around 1 month away. The dates for SBI PO 2015 Exam were announced few days ago. The prelims exam would be held on 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th June. Whichever way you look at it, you have roughly 1 month left to prepare for the exam. Some of you might be already prepared for the exam and might be looking at just improving their skills. But I am sure there will be plenty of people who would be just getting started. Even if you are in the latter category, there is nothing to worry about.

1 month is more than enough to prepare for SBI PO Prelims

First things first – you need to understand the syllabus and pattern of the SBI PO exam. It will be a one hour exam consisting of three sections:
a) Quantitative Aptitude
b) Reasoning
c) English Language

You will need to clear the individual sectional cutoff and the overall cutoff to get a selected for the mains exam. Considering that there are approximately 40000 seats available in the mains exam, it is not going to be difficult. Let me add, it is not going to be easy either because the number of people who write the exam might just be above 20 Lakhs. By some estimates, it might cross even 30 Lakhs. One more point that I would like to add is that most of the students who appear for the SBI PO exam, are not serious about it and that is where they lose out.

The SBI PO Prelims is not a difficult exam, if you prepare for it. Most students prepare for less than 25 hours for the exam. If you are in that category, I am sorry – I can’t help you. May be you are brilliant and you will get by just because you are that smart. But in most cases, I believe you need roughly 100-150 hours of serious studies to clear the exam. Considering that you have around a month left, you can easily put in those hours. Here are some steps that you can follow to excel in the SBI PO Prelims 2015 exam.

1. Learn Concepts

It is important that you have the basics covered in all areas. So that if there are some easy questions, some shortcuts that can be applied to get to the answers quickly – you don’t miss out on them. Our SBI PO 2015 prelims course, which is priced at 999 Rs., consists a set of 100+ videos. Most of these videos are around 10-15 minutes and you can easily cover them in the time that is left. If you are using any other resource to prepare, just ensure that you learn the easy concepts of all chapters and topics. Focusing on solving hard questions and going into the depth of any topic at this point of time might not be such a good idea.

2. Test Yourself

A very common and a very big mistake that a lot of SBI PO aspirants make is that they do not give enough mocks. If you are planning to write SBI PO 2015 Prelims exam, it is NECESSARY that you write at least 10 mock tests. In our SBI PO 2015 prelims course, we have 20 full length mock tests. These tests have 100 questions each and are based on the new pattern. All questions have detail solutions as well. These mocks will not only help you understand your strong and weak areas but will also tell you how you are faring against the competition. Also, these 20 mocks will give you a set of 2000 unique exam-level questions.

3. Improve

If you are going to learn concepts, if you are going to give mocks – you are going to get stuck in some problems and get some doubts. What a lot of SBI PO aspirants do is that they just ignore these problems. They move on to the next topic because they do not have anyone to help them out. Sometimes the reverse happens – they get stuck on some problem for a very long time and hence waste a lot of time which could be better utilized elsewhere. Both of these issues can be resolved with the help of a teacher. In my online SBI PO 2015 Prelims Exam course, I conduct a live class every week. In that live class, I help students with their test taking strategy, preparation plans, and obviously – problems that they faced during preparation. Students can also send in their doubts via a feature called “Course Feed” and I make video solutions for the doubts that they have sent. In this way, a student gets comprehensive coverage of all topics and a well-rounded preparation for SBI PO 2015 exam.

So, if you are serious about SBI PO 2015 exam preparation, do check out our online course by clicking on the button given below. Don’t forget, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t qualify for the exam.
SBI PO 2015 Online Preparation Course

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Best of luck for SBI PO 2015 Prelims Exam!
Ravi Handa,
Founder and Mentor,
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SBI PO 2015 Exam Dates Announced – Prelims and Finals

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Exam Dates for SBI PO 2015 Exam - Prelims and Mains

SBI PO 2015 Exam Dates

SBI PO 2015 exam dates have been announced. The SBI PO prelims (Phase I) exam 2015 will be held on 4 Days

20th June
21st June
27th June
28th June

This gives you slightly over a month to prepare for the prelims exam. That is more than enough. We have an online course for SBI PO 2015 Prelims Exam Preparation which offers 100% guaranteed success. Do check it out by clicking on the button below:
SBI PO Prelims Online Course

The SBI PO Mains (Phase II) Exam 2015 will be held on

1st August

This gives you 2.5 months to prepare for the same. More than enough time. We have an online course for SBI PO 2015 Mains Exam Preparation as well. Do check it out by clicking on the button below:
SBI PO Mains Online Course

350+ students in SBI PO 2015 Exam Online Courses

You can download the official notification as well.
If you have any questions about SBI PO 2015 Exam Preparation or about our online course for SBI PO, just fill in the form given below and we will call you back.

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3 mistakes that you should avoid during CAT Preparation

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Common CAT Preparation Mistakes
CAT Preparation is not something that you do in a week or two. It is a long drawn process typically stretched over a period of 6 to 9 months. Over the last decade, I have seen a bunch of students repeat avoidable mistakes. More often than not, it is because of lack of information. Another common reason why it happens is because people value information that they got from successful seniors and other achievers on the web, which may not be suited for them. In this post, I will discuss about some of these issues.

Common CAT Preparation Mistakes

1. Overemphasis on Quant & Verbal

CAT aspirants forget the basic fact that Quantitative Aptitude & Verbal Ability form only 50% of the paper. They do not allocate enough time during their preparation to the other 50% – Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation. It probably happens because most CAT aspirants are scared of these areas. Also, when they start preparing for CAT, they think that the CAT exam paper depends only on your Quant and Verbal skills. Another common misconception is that you need to “prepare” for Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability, whereas the other areas you can improve just by giving mocks. Also, there are chapters and a fixed syllabus that you need to cover for Quant and Verbal – it makes it a little bit easy to study for them. All these reasons lead to the neglect of Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Reading Comprehension which eventually leads to a poor CAT percentile. You cannot expect to do well in the CAT exam if you neglect half the CAT syllabus. You can easily avoid making this mistake in CAT by dividing your preparation time wisely among all areas. You should give more time to your weak areas but do not neglect any sector during CAT preparation.

2. Target ‘n’ questions / ‘x’ percentile

A very common question that I get asked close to the exam and even couple of months before it is – ‘How many questions should I target to achieve a 90+ %ile / 99+ ile / IIM-C call?” While I and many other people can give you an educated guess answer to those questions, it is of no use. Even if you know that you need to do 15 questions in Section 1 to get a 95%ile, what are you going to do with that information? If you are able to solve 18 questions, will you leave 3 questions just because you need a 95? – Obviously not. If you are able to solve 12 questions, are you going to guess 3 more questions just so that you can hit the magic number of 15? No. You should not take such a risk in the CAT exam, which has negative marking. Having such sort of targets is meaningless and it can only harm you. It will either put unnecessary pressure on you or would make you complacent – neither of them is good for you. To avoid making this mistake, you should never go in an exam or even a mock thinking that you should do ‘n’ number of questions to achieve ‘x’ percentile. You should have a strategy to attempt the paper but that is based on time that you want to allocate to various sectors and not based on number of questions that you should attempt. You know what should be your target – “as much as you can”. Try to push that higher. Think of the CAT exam as the first innings of a Test Match and not as the final over of an IPL match.

3. Too many mock tests

This idea has gained traction among the students preparing for CAT over the last 3-4 years. It has primarily happened because lot of achievers / top-scorers / 100%ilers swear by this idea. Yes – it is a good idea for them. It is a good idea for anyone who is confident enough of getting a 98+ score. It is good for someone who has prepared for CAT earlier and scored anything above 95. These type of CAT aspirants are already done with the basic fundamentals of the topics. They know what works for them and what doesn’t. All they need is some high quality practice and they will be able to do well in the final CAT exam. Having said that, the idea of giving too many mock tests or preparing only via mocks is harmful for majority of CAT aspirants. There is very little merit in that. An ideal number of mocks should be anywhere from 10 to 20. A mock is not a set of practice questions. It is not even a tool for practice. It is a tool for testing. It should be used to figure out your strengths and weakness. The learning from the mock results should be used to improve your weak areas and tweak the time that you are allocating to various sectors. To avoid making this mistake, all you need to do is quickly figure out your comfort level with CAT and adopt a strategy that suits you.

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Study Plan for Working Professionals who are Preparing for CAT

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Study plan for CAT 2015 for Working Professionals

Preparing for CAT, or for that matter any competitive exam in India, is not an easy task. It takes a toll on your body and on your mind. And if you have a demanding job, it becomes all the more difficult. The amount of time that you have left is limited. There is no point denying the fact that once you are back from a 9 hour shift, your mind is tired as well. So, what can a working profession who aspires to get an admission into IIMs do? How should he prepare for CAT? How should he plan his studies so that he can use the limited time available to him in the best possible fashion? These are some of the questions that I will try to answer in this post.

CAT 2015 Study Plan for working professionals

You have roughly 6 months for CAT and that is more than enough time to prepare for CAT provided you can be disciplined about your CAT preparation. CAT preparation requires roughly around 300 to 500 hours of serious preparation time. You can find that time easily if you do the following:
a) Study for at least 1 hour everyday (every working day) Ideal would be 1.5 to 2 hours.
b) Study for at least 4 hour on Saturday and Sunday. Ideal would be close to 6 hours.
Now if you are wondering, how should actually plan your studies for CAT 2015 – I have a simple guideline for you. Follow the pattern of the CAT exam. CAT is broadly divided into 5 areas:
1. Quantitative Aptitude
2. Data Interpretation
3. Logical Reasoning
4. Reading Comprehension
5. Verbal Ability
The relative weightage of the above mentioned categories is roughly 2:1:1:1:1. Here 2 is for the Quantitative Aptitude part. A lot of students make the mistake of focusing on just Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal. Please understand that Quantitative Aptitude + Verbal Ability form only 50% of the CAT syllabus. The other 50% is Logical Reasoning + Reading Comprehension + Data Interpretation. You should not make that mistake. Here is the plan that you can follow:
Monday & Tuesday – Quantitative Aptitude
Wednesday – Data Interpretation
Thursday – Logical Reasoning
Friday – Reading Comprehension
Saturday (First Half) – Verbal Ability.
You are still left with three slots for preparation.

In the beginning of your preparation
, these three slots should be allocated to the area that you are not confident in. Do note that CAT will ask easy and difficult questions from all areas. If you are weak in a particular area, you might miss out on a sitter from that area. That is a mistake that you cannot afford to make in the hyper competitive world of CAT preparation.

If you are done with 50% of the syllabus, these three slots should be allocated towards giving mocks and analyzing those mocks. There cannot be a better way to find out the problems in your preparation plan than these mocks.

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Arithmetic Syllabus for CAT 2015 Exam Preparation

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Arithmetic Syllabus for CAT 2015 Exam Preparation

Arithmetic Syllabus for CAT 2015

Arithmetic forms an important part of Quantitative Aptitude for CAT exam. Not only you get quite a few direct questions on the arithmetic concepts in the Quant section, but you also get some applications in the Data Interpretation section. Some of the calculation tips and tricks that you learn via percentage can be applicable in many other areas. Along with Number System, you can assume that this forms the much required base for the quantitative aptitude part. The topics and chapters which are covered in the Arithmetic syllabus for CAT 2015 exam are as follows:
Mean Median Mode
Simple & Compound Interest
Profit & Loss
Ratio & Proportion
Mixtures & Alligations
Time Speed & Distance
Time & Work

To understand the relative importance of these arithmetic topics and also to understand what you should study in the above mentioned chapters, you should watch the video given below.

Free Video on Arithmetic Syllabus for CAT Exam

Free PDF Download of Complete CAT Syllabus

You can download the complete and detailed syllabus for CAT in the PDF format for free from the green button below. You will be asked to share about it on Facebook / Twitter. I request you to do the same as it would help your friends and other people in your network. Also, it would encourage us to keep doing more in the domain of building free guides for CAT Preparation. Hope you enjoy it.

Online Coaching for CAT 2015

In the next video / post in the series on CAT Syllabus, we will be covering the Geometry portion of CAT preparation in more detail. You can view the video on complete CAT syllabus here.

Ravi Handa

Free Class for SBI PO 2015 Exam

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Free Class for SBI PO 2015 Exam
A lot of people are confused because of the change in pattern for SBI PO 2015 exam. So, I decided to conduct a free class in which I will answer students queries.
Time: 5 PM
Date: 18th April (Saturday)
Venue: Online

To attend the same, please do this:

Step 1: Click here
Step 2: Click on “Join This Class”
Step 3: At 5 PM, click on “Launch Class”

If the class is full, you might get a message saying the same. In that case, you can watch the recording of the same on the same link.

In case you want me to email you the recording of the SBI PO class, leave your email id / contact number below:

Hope you found this SBI PO class helpful. Do let me know via comments in case you would like to discuss anything specific in future classes.


Ravi Handa

Singapore Logical Puzzle – Albert and Bernard figure out Cheryl’s Birthday

April 14th, 2015 by

Social media has been going nuts over the logical puzzle of Albert and Bernard trying to figure out Cheryl’s Birthday. It seems to be the next big thing after THE DRESS. While THE DRESS was something I had no clue about, this problem is simple enough. Apparently, it is simple enough for 5th graders in Singapore as well – but let’s not get into that discussion.

Video Solution to Puzzle – Cheryl’s Birthday

The actual puzzle

 Albert and Bernard just became friends with Cheryl, and they want to know when
her birthday is. Cheryl gives them a list of 10 possible dates.

May 15                May 16            May 19
June 17                June 18
July 14                July 16
August 14            August 15        August 17

Cheryl then tells Albert and Bernard separately the month and the day of her birthday respectively.

Albert: I do not know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know that Bernard does not know too.

Bernard: At first I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know now.

Albert: Then I also know when Cheryl’s birthday is.

So when is Cheryl’s birthday?

If you want a quick and dirty solution (basically something that can come in a tweet):
S1 eliminates May & June
S2 eliminates Date 14
S3 eliminates Aug
Answer is July 16
Tweet this solution

Hope you enjoyed it and learnt from it. Do share it with your friends on facebook and / or tweet it to your followers.

Ravi Handa

SBI PO Exam Notification 2015: New Pattern, Syllabus and Expected Dates

April 11th, 2015 by

SBI PO 2015 Notification - New Pattern, Syllabus, and Expected Dates

SBI PO Exam Notification 2015

The SBI PO Exam Notification 2015 was released today. The highlights of the same are visible in the image above. The details are given below. The biggest change in the pattern is – wait for it – introduction of the preliminary phase or PHASE 1 in the SBI PO 2015 exam.

Important Dates for SBI PO Exam 2015

Commencement of online registration of application: 13th April 2015
Last date of applying online: 2nd May 2015
Last date for printing your application: 17th May 2015
Online Fee Payment: 13th April to 2nd May 2015
Exam Date: Tentatively in June 2015

Let me add, it is not clear how long will be the gap between the PHASE I (Preliminary Exam for SBI PO 2015) and the PHASE II (Main Exam for SBI PO 2015)

Details of PHASE 1 of SBI PO Exam 2015

It will be a 1 hour exam
It will consists of:
English Language – 30 marks – 30 questions
Quantitative Aptitude – 35 marks – 35 questions
Reasoning – 35 marks – 35 questions

Important points regarding PHASE 1 – Preliminary Exam of SBI PO Exam 2015

1. Students will need to clear individual sectional cutoff to move to PHASE 2. This is a very important detail – please don’t ignore this. Even if you get a good overall score, you will need to clear the sectional cutoffs to move to PHASE 2 of SBI PO Exam 2015.
2. In my opinion, the cutoff for PHASE 1 of SBI PO 2015 exam will not be very high. Probably solving 6-7 questions in each category and an overall score of 20 should be enough.
3. The difficulty level of questions should be reasonably lower that the difficulty level of questions in the main exam. You cannot be expected to solve complicated reasoning questions in the PHASE 1 of SBI PO Exam 2015. Most probably, you will have a lot of direct questions like Number Series, Letter Series, Word Meanings – basically stuff that you can just look at and answer.
4. The ability to pick questions will matter more than anything else in PHASE 1 of SBI PO Exam.
5. They will be selecting 20 times the number of required candidates in PHASE 1 of SBI PO Exam – so don’t worry. Even if you are remotely serious about the exam and preparation of bank exams, you should be able to sail through it quite easily.

Now some of you might be wondering, why have the even launched or started this PHASE 1 / preliminary PHASE of SBI PO Exam. The reason is simple – DESCRIPTIVE PAPER in phase 2. Lakhs of students write the SBI PO Exam 2015 – it is extremely difficult to evaluate the descriptive paper of all of them. On the other hand, it will be a cakewalk to evaluate descriptive paper of roughly 40000 to 50000 students.

Details of PHASE II – Main Examination of SBI PO Exam 2015

Main Examination will consist of Objective Tests for 200 marks and Descriptive Test for 50 marks. Both the Objective and Descriptive Tests will be online. Candidates will have to answer Descriptive test by typing on the computer. Immediately after completion of Objective Test, Descriptive Test will be administered.

Objective Test: The Objective Test of 2 hour duration consists of 4 Sections with 50 marks each (Total 200 marks) as follows:
Test of English Language (Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension etc.)
Test of General Awareness, Marketing & Computers
Test of Data Analysis & Interpretation
Test of Reasoning (High Level)

Descriptive Test: The Descriptive Test of 1 hour duration with 50 marks will be a Test of English Language (Letter Writing & Essay).

Important points regarding PHASE II – Main Examination of SBI PO Exam 2015

1. It is still not clear how much gap will be there between PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 of the exam.
2. Such a move will definitely increase the competition among students. Only the best will be participating in phase 2.
3. Those are might not be very serious initially, if they clear the PHASE 1 of SBI PO Exam, rest assured – they will give their everything for PHASE 2 or the SBI PO Exam.
4. The marks that you get in PHASE 2 of SBI PO Exam will be counted in the final selection. It will have 75% weightage.
5. It is hard to say what the cutoffs will be, but they are bound to be higher than last year.

Details of PHASE III – Group Discussion and Interview of SBI PO Exam 2015

It will consist of Group Discussion (20 marks) & Interview (30 marks). The aggregate marks of both Objective Test and Descriptive Test will be taken, and arranged in the descending order in each category and adequate number of top candidates will be called.

Final Selection

1. The marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination (Phase-I) will not be added for the selection
2. The marks obtained in the Main Examination (Phase-II) will have 75% weightage
3. The marks obtained in the Group Discussion & Personal Interview (Phase-III) will have 25% weightage

I will be conducting a free live class on the new patter of SBI PO Exam 2015 on 18th April (Saturday) at 5 PM. If you wish to attend the same, just fill in your details in the form below.

Complete Algebra Syllabus for CAT Exam Preparation

April 7th, 2015 by
Complete Syllabus of Algebra for CAT 2015 Exam Preparation

Complete Syllabus of Algebra for CAT 2015 Exam Preparation

Algebra Syllabus for CAT Preparation

Algebra is one of the most important topics when it comes to Quantitative Aptitude portion of the CAT 2015 Exam. The most number of questions in Quant, get asked either from Algebra or from Geometry. Even in Algebra, the chapter Functions has the most weightage. A common misconception is that you can leave out chapters like Basic Alebraic Formulae and do not learn too much about inequalities as you do not get direct questions in the CAT exam on those. But they forget, that a lot of questions in functions are based on the basic concepts that you learn in topics like Quadratic Equations and Inequalities. These are not things that you can skip while preparing for CAT.

Given below is a complete list of topics from Algebra Syllabus that you should be familiar with.

Basics Algebraic Formulae
Linear Equations
Quadratic Equations
Higher Degree Equations

To understand the relative importance of the topics, I suggest you watch the video given below. It will tell you which are the topics that you should focus on while preparing for CAT. I am sure the video will help you understand it better.

Free Video on Algebra Syllabus for CAT Exam

Free PDF Download of Complete CAT Syllabus

You can download the complete and detailed syllabus for CAT in the PDF format for free from the green button below. You will be asked to share about it on Facebook / Twitter. I request you to do the same as it would help your friends and other people in your network. Also, it would encourage us to keep doing more in the domain of building free guides for CAT Preparation. Hope you enjoy it.

In the next video / post in the series on CAT Syllabus, we will be covering the Arithmetic portion of CAT preparation in more detail.
You should also check out some of our previous posts on related topics from the links below:
Complete CAT syllabus for CAT 2015 Exam Preparation.
Complete Number System Syllabus for CAT 2015 Exam Preparation.

Ravi Handa

13 April Fool Jokes that you should not miss | Google Maps Pacman | Uber Supercars | Ola Air | Freecharge Buzzkill

April 1st, 2015 by

April Fool’s Day

The earliest recorded association between 1 April and foolishness can be found in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (1392). A lot have changed since then. It has grown to be associated with pranks and some really smart and funny stuff. I am trying to capture some of the the best ones that I encounter for 2015 in this post. Do help me in making the list better by letting me know about the jokes and pranks that I missed. Given below are some that I found interesting.

1. Google Maps Pacman

April Fool Joke by Google Maps - Pacman

Trust Google to come up with the best when it comes to April Fool jokes. My favorite one has to be GMail Paper which they did way back in 2007 (If you are too young to remember it, they promised to print all your email and send all the paper to you via traditional post)

The Google Maps Pacman is right at the top of the list. Just go to Google Maps and on the bottom left you will get an option to convert any location into a Pacman screen. Pacman, as usual, is fun in any setting. This post got delayed by at least an hour because I just got busy playing. :)


Well, how do I explain this? Google has done a brilliant job by reversing not just their homepage but the entire search results as well. You should definitely check it out for yourself. Go to

Here is a screenshot if you search Handa Ka Funda on it. reverse search results

3. Ola Air

Ola has indeed taken it a notch higher – literally. They launched Ola Air at a price of Rs. 499 per ride. :) It also promotes the product that Ola has really well.
Features that will blow your mind:
Track your helicopter ride in real time
Choose your pickup location
Get pilot details
Door-to-door pickup

4. Freecharge Buzzkill

Freecharge came out with an app called Buzzkill, which helps you chase away mosquitoes. They made a funny video to explain how it works. The video features an extremely uncomfortable Kulin Shah and two baldies. Well, #TheirChoice (you see what I did there). It is a little long but funny enough to merit one viewing.

5. Uber Supercars

Uber is hooking you up for a free cab ride. Well, with Ola at its heels – they seem to be doing something similar every other day. So, what’s new? Well, the cars are not just cars – they are SUPERCARS. Only when you go to the Uber blog and read the post about Supercars, you realize it is a joke. The event, if you can call it that, is done in collaboration with Hamleys India (a toy shop).

6. Smartbox by Google Inbox

Smartbox is an actual mailbox that offers many features that you currently have with email, including smart folders. The Smartbox will even electrically shock anyone who tries to fill your mailbox with spam.

7. Motorola Selfie Stick

Motorola has jumped on the April Fool bandwagon with – guess what – a selfie stick. The idea would be really funny and innovative if there were no real selfie sticks in the market. But well – we live in a world where Buzzfeed shares a comfortable relationship with the White House. Even back home, we have a Prime Minister who is a little more obsessed with selfies than the average politician but less than a Japanese teenage girl.

8. Google Panda from Google Japan

Well, it is a black and white and Asian – and also cute. Google Japan seems to be working on a Pet Google Panda which will be an assistant powered by Google. Watch this video to understand more. And just in case you are Japanese, there are subtitles too. :)

9. Samsung Galaxy Blade

Samsung has announced the world’s first smart knife with smartphone capabilities, the Galaxy BLADE edge. It comes packed with features like Food Photography and Thermometer Stylus. Complete features of the smart-knife.

There are four variants available for the handle, they are:
Premium Olivewood
Ergonomic Ceramic
Stainless Steel
and behold….
Premium Mammoth Tusk
The Premium Mammoth Tusk Ivory Inlay Edition is made from real mammoth tusk, found beneath the surface of the North Sea. I am surprised why isn’t PETA going after SAMSUNG. While Google is promoting Pandas as pets, Samsung is going in the other direction by killing Mammoths. #OUTRAGE

10. Auto SEO – SEO Ninja

Matt Cutts, from the house Lannister, gets A for effort. He wrote a blogpost, set up a website, and even addressed a pain point for SEO newbies. Now don’t fall prey to the honeypot and leave your email id there. Or do it – may be there will be something more interesting and funny to follow it up. :)

11. Zomatcho from Zomato

Zomato launched the Zomatcho app that plays matchmaker based upon your preference in food. To be honest, the entire things seemed like a lazy effort or an after-thought. Kind of like – everyone is doing something, we should do something too. You can read the entire blogpost about Zomatcho written by Shantanu Basrur. He seems like the Sangakara who gave his best effort till the end when no one else in the team was interested in working on it.

12. Flipkart to acquire Snapdeal

This was done by Bluegape. For those of you who do not know it used to be a merchandising store and in its new avatar it is kind of like buzzfeed / listverse but with visuals. I might be horribly wrong about this but then again, I have not understood Instagram till now. The reason why I added this was because of the brilliant clickbait it formed. Well, who will not click at a post which says Flipkart To Acquire SnapDeal In $4 Billion Of Cash + Equity Deal. Raises $20 Billion Did not link it because it was a boring post with old photographs. Nothing funny or smart to read there.

13. Sachin Tendulkar to become India’s coach

Now I do not know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. No – I am not talking about Sachin becoming the coach. I am talking about the effort by CNN-IBN to appear cool. I would have preferred a more nuanced portrayal and something which is not blatantly obvious as a joke. The entire post about this is hardly 200-250 words. A little more effort would have been nice.

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